Advanced Training //

Advanced training begins where the beginners course leaves off, taking the basic techniques you learned and adding power, precision and positioning.

A greater emphasis is put on fitness development and exercise routines are expanded upon.

Classes are extended to 1.5 hours to accommodate the extra training and instruction.

Kicking techniques are introduced as is the first of the 3 Wing Chun hand forms (Siu Lien Tao).

We explore in more depth the key Wing Chun concepts of:

* Centre-line

* Gate theory

* Rootedness

* Vectors of force

* Body structures

We introduce you to the following principles and their application

to self-defence:

* Efficiency

* Effectiveness

* Directness

* Safety

* Fluidity

* Unification

The martial arts are one of the most rewarding endeavours you can undertake improving your fitness, self-defence skills and self-confidence. Join us and begin your journey with Gungahlin Martial Arts. Training with your mind, not your ego.

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