Covid 19 Policies and Measures //

​September 20, 2020

The health and safety of our students and staff are our number one priority.

The following safety policies apply to all students and staff of Gungahlin Martial Arts

1. All students and staff must enter and exit the training hall by the doors marked.

2. Students must wait until all students from the class prior to theirs, leave the hall before they enter.

3. Upon entry to the training hall, all students and staff must have their temperature taken by contact-less forehead thermometer. Anyone with a temperature greater than 37.3 degrees centigrade will not be given permission to train.

3. All students and staff must use the hand cleaning station before the class begins.

4. Students must stay 1.5 metres apart, unless training with a partner, and stand on the marked places.

5. Training partners must stay as partners for the entirety of each class.

6. All equipment can only be use by one user during a class and must be appropriately cleaned after use.

7. Spectators to classes are not allowed.

8. All instructors must have 'Covid Safe Certification' from the Martial Arts Industry Association.

9. Instructors will ensure cleaning and sanitising will occur before and after class and, where required, during class - particular attention to be paid to bathrooms and entry doors.

10. Parents dropping their children to class will not be permitted to stay in class, and if they need to stay must wait outside the training hall.

11. Instructors will ensure the following items form part of the schools safety supplies; hand sanitisers, disinfectant mops, microfibre cloths, gloves and paper towels.