Code of Conduct - Students //



1) Students must arrive 10-15 minutes before class to be ready when the instructor calls the class into lines

2) All mobile phones, beepers and any other electronic signalling devices are to be switched off during class unless with permission.  In an emergency situation e.g. involving a sick family member etc exceptions may be made upon request to the Instructor.


3) Respect the instructors and seniors. Their directions must always be followed promptly and unquestioningly.  Never interrupt or speak whilst an instructor is teaching.

4) Respect your fellow trainees.  There is to be no sexual harassment or discriminatory comments.

5) Report any and all illnesses and injuries to the instructors immediately.  If you have any infectious illness you must not attend classes until cured. If in doubt, contact the instructor.

6) No talking during training - except during free partner work if it is essential for safety - then, as quietly and briefly as possible.

7) To avoid injury, no jewellery of any kind is to be worn during training (this especially includes all rings and earrings - this is an insurance company rule).

8) No intoxicating substances, drugs or stimulants are to be consumed prior to training. Failure can mean immediate expulsion from the school.

9) No eating, chewing gum, smoking, or drinking alcohol in or around the training premises.

10) Any cut or bleeding injury must mean training ceases immediately and appropriate First Aid be administered. Re-joining the training session will not be allowed until the instructor has deemed that is safe to do so.

11) Only practice the techniques the instructors have taught you.

12) No “horse-play” in the training premises.  Respect the training venue and contents so as not to cause any damage or injury.

13) Finger nails are to be kept short to avoid injury. No false finger nails may be worn during training.

14) No visitors will be permitted at classes. The instructor must approve all guests.

15) Members must be a minimum of eighteen years of age.

16) Members will be entitled to attend one nominated training session per week.  And, upon payment of any appropriate fee, to attend other sessions or optional activities - camps, dinners, seminars etc. 

17) Depart training immediately at the end of your class.

18) Training equipment, that has the potential to harbour disease, will not be shared e.g. focus mitts.

19) Give proper attention to personal hygiene and exhibit clean grooming.

20) No chi sau, advanced free san sau  or any form of fast drills to be engaged in without instructor supervision and without the appropriate protective equipment if the activity is one for which any is required.  No chi sau or sparring is ever to be conducted with anyone not a Club member at any time.

21) No-one is to teach any other person anything or engage in any demonstration without prior instructor permission.

22) No-one is to enter in any martial arts competition. The Club does not believe such competitions have any positive value.

23) For your safety, no training equipment (swords, pole, wooden dummy, kicking bags, punching bags or pads) are to be used without instructor permission and especially insist that no one is ever to use the wooden dummy without permission.  All drills must be in the presence of an instructor. 

24) Always behave so as not to disgrace or discredit the good name of martial arts, the instructors or yourself.  No comment is to be made publicly in any medium about the club, its activities or any other martial arts.

25) No member is to demonstrate martial arts without Instructor permission.

26) Train as seriously and as often as you can to improve and maintain your skills.

27) No First Aid activity that is not taught in authorised First Aid courses (e.g. Red Cross, St Johns Ambulance) is ever to be used.  This specifically excludes the use of oriental medicines or practices or alternative medicine or practices.  None of these alternatives can legally be endorsed in any way by the Club or its representatives.  All First Aid will conform strictly to the guidelines of NCAS approved First Aid courses. 

28) Any and all information and documentation in any form given to you is commercial in confidence and cannot be given in any format or by any means to non-members. The Club class routines, syllabus, training methods and techniques are especially not to be revealed to any other martial artists, in any forum, by any means, as they are all unique and commercial-in-confidence. 

29) Conditions may vary as required in the future.  All current members will then be notified of any changes.



1) The fee charges can include: annual training fee, term based fees, compulsory annual student insurance fee, compulsory equipment fee as required for various levels - sand bag, focus mitt etc), compulsory grading fees, and any fees for optional activities (camps, dinners, seminars).

2) Problems with payment should be discussed early with the Instructor to avoid difficulties.  Only verifiable reasons will be accepted for non-payment.

3) Training or participation in club activities will not be allowed if fees have not been paid

4) Members will be notified of current fee schedules and of any changes.