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At Gungahlin Martial Arts the safety of our staff and students is always our primary concern. The following code of conduct applies to all staff and students and breaches of the code can result in reprimand or dismissal from the school. Please ensure you read the code before beginning work or training with Gungahlin Martial Arts.

​​Code of Conduct - Students

The student Code of Conduct helps ensures we have a safe and respectful training environment and a positive learning space in which to provide the best opportunity for students to learn and develop their martial arts skills. All students must have read and be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct.

Read the Student Code of Conduct here

Code of Conduct - Staff & Instructors

The obligations and expectations of all staff and instructors working at Gungahlin Martial Arts are outlined in the Staff and Instructors Code of Conduct. Providing a safe and respectful training environment and teaching the highest quality of Yuen Kay San Wing Chun are our primary goals.


Read the Staff and Instructors Code of Conduct here

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