Student Testimonials //

Learning Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Richard Block has been a great experience. With each class broken into fitness and martial art components I have improved my strength and endurance, and have learned to defend myself. From starting with the basics, Sifu has guided my training to become increasingly advanced as I have learned and integrated new techniques. Learning Wing Chun has improved my confidence, physical strength and mental resilience and I look forward to spending time with the class participants each week. As Sifu is well practiced at tailoring the training to specific needs or limitations to go at the pace each individual needs I highly recommend this school if martial arts is something you’ve considered trying.



Gungahlin Martial Arts has had a really positive effect on my lifestyle, as an asthmatic I have become healthier and fitter, while gaining confidence and strength.



I always wanted to do Wing Chun, as I had heard it was a brilliant self defence marital art for women - clean, elegant and ruthlessly effective. But I thought it might be too complicated for someone as uncoordinated as me! Luckily, I found Sifu Richard's class. He's very supportive at whatever fitness and skill level you are at, so I never felt intimidated. Sifu Richard breaks up the techniques into simple, achievable steps, which helped me to quickly build confidence. And his passion and deep knowledge of the art keeps me inspired!




I attended the Women's Self Defence Program at Gungahlin Martial Arts for the first time last year and enjoyed it so much that I've continued with the Wing Chun classes ever since. I was initially worried that I wouldn't be able to understand or apply what was being taught. But Sifu Richard's teaching style creates such a relaxed and fun team environment, that I stopped feeling self conscious and started to learn. At the end of the course, I felt confident that I was so much better prepared to manage a threatening situation than I was beforehand. And now I am developing strength, fitness, skills and confidence that I never imagined possible at my age. I highly recommend this course and I'll be doing it again!


I've been dealing with chronic pain for all my adult life, so I was unsure if Gungahlin Martial Arts was the right place for me. Over time though, I not only found my confidence in Wing Chun improving, but my strength and endurance also. Sifu Richard's combination of experience, attention to detail, and patience for "where you're at" make his classes enjoyable to be a part of. These days, I not only feel more confident walking down the street, but I also enjoy life more fully thanks to Sifu Richard and Gungahlin Martial Arts.